Saturday, 4 June 2011

A night at the Museum

So the weeks of planning, stressing and executing my designs culminated in one night at the Museum. On Wednesday night the Couture Brighton exhibit at Brighton Museum was unveiled amidst the movers and shakers of Brighton. For me it was a great night, just an honour to have my outfit in the Museum! My beautiful Engineerium inspired outfit, behind just made it look that extra special.

And here is me at the unveiling. I had to wait until everyone had been cleared out before I could take this photo because every time I couldn't get near it during the evening!

I am wearing my brogue corset in leather and pin stripe wool and straight skirt to match.

Afterwards me and the girls had a few cocktails to celebrate, we had a blast.

So now it's all over I feel a bit deflated after working so hard I'm not sure how to fill my days.

And despite my corset lecture not going ahead I'm not going to let that deter me to spreading the word about the glories of corsetery!
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