Friday, 6 May 2011

Engineerium project

Today I have made headway into my Engineerium project. Fabric has been ordered, sequins have arrived.

I am now starting the technical side: pattern cutting the corset. Today I have made a block for my dress form and drawn up the main features of the structure of my corset, see below:
I always find it useful to photograph my work at the planning stage because it is easier to see fault in the design when it is 2d than when I am actually looking at the garment on stand. For example, on this picture I can clearly see that one of the lines is not flowing particularly well so I will need to correct this at the next stage of pattern cutting before I start making a toille to be fitted to the model.
It is far easier to make corrections earlier on in the planning process than once the garment has been half put together.

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