Friday, 21 May 2010

Sandy Brown Cow scoops best in show

For the second year running I've had the pleasure of helping out a good friend with costumes for her catwalk show for the end of year BcC Hairshow. ( Brighton and Hove City College )

As ever I had a mixture of excitement and fear when Sandy approached me. Her ideas are always radical and ott, and push me right out of my confort zone, but that's half the fun of working with her!

This year the theme was 'Circus of Glamour', and this provided Sandy with more than enough ammo for her creative vision. For the third year running Sandy's model was Nick Carter, and this year he had the dubious pleasure of being transformed into a circus show pony.

Sandy's idea consisted of black catsuit underneath a brown leather harness, saddle and bridal. We had to drop the bit idea as it interfered with the magnificent hairdo Sandy had created. I must admit that when Sandy first rolled out her idea I couldn't visualise it, but my trust in her vision bore wonderful fruit.

Photograph courtesy: Julie Sutton
Hairdresser: Sandy Brown Cow
Model: Nick Carter
Costume: Chrissie Nicholson-Wild

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