Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Bella De Jac - Red Angel costume

Following the success of the black Marylin dress I am always excited to hear about her new performances and  consider myself very lucky indeed to get to help her realise these in costume.

Bella always brings me marvelous ideas to make up, and her red angel sketches had me itching to get going. The costume consisted of a beaded bikini set with pasties, a long flowing gown and hairpiece and was finished off with massive feather fans and some gorgeous red shoes. It's inspiration is in the glamour of the 1930's and the final dance piece was just a visual delight.

  These are some detail shots. Each beaded strand had to strung by hand with elastic so that it would be able to take a bit of stretch and punishment on stage and to make it slightly easier for Bella to get in and out of the knickers with the confidence of knowing that she wasn't going to have the string break just before a performance.
It was very hard finding a best match to Bellas skin tone for the mesh, as we wanted to create the illusion of her being jewelled on naked skin.

The pasties were make out of a very firm buckram, similar to that found in staymaking and covered in the same fabric as the knickers and dress. Again the beading was done using strong elastic thread, and each bead string had to be fitted at least twice to get the best fit on Bella's breasts.

The costume was finished with an elegant dress or red crepe back satin and chiffon, and a feathered hairpiece all using the diamond themed motif.

The final costume was a total success, see Bella in action as the 'Red Angel'.

Bella de Jac Fan Dance from bob on Vimeo.

Bella also wore this costume as December in her new Calender.
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