Monday, 27 October 2008

Corset Diary

Tonight I started my coset diary for 2009. Hurrah!

I've started to design my new collection for Spring 2009, and it's so exciting. To date my corsets have been bespoke only, so the new challenge of designing an off-the-peg collection fills me with much elation!!!
New life, blossoming flowers, bright pastels and a smattering of gilt are my themes with pasties and knickers to match.

Pasties and tassels I find particularly fiddly at the moment, but with practice I'm sure they will come along. There are lots of sequinned one's kicking around, but I'd like to make ones that are in matching fabric to my corsets and knickers. It has been very entertaining testing the tassel designs at home.

I'm getting my teeth right into pattern cutting, and surrounding myself with inspiring things in my studio.

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